Frequently Asked Questions
omgkirby DAO
The omgkirby DAO is a community for music fans (initially Lo-fi), artists, and builders to help shape what omgkirby will become as a community-owned artist and brand. Its focus is to connect artists with community, incubate said artists, and seek out novel ways for sustained growth and benefits for holders.
Treasury Growth Ideas:
  • streaming royalties of select future omgkirby releases
  • omgkirby merch
  • omgkirby concerts and tours
  • future nft sales
  • sales of stem packs
  • sales from collabs with artists
The community will ultimately decide how treasury funds are used but here are some possible ideas from the founding team:
  • Fund collabs with other producers and artists
  • Produce and create live omgkirby shows & experiences - Build a lofi experience progressive web application
  • Commission lofi related content
  • Design omgkirby merch line
Community Initiatives
  • Weekly live production streams with omgkirby and 24/7 radio
  • Official omgkirby Spotify account (1 million monthly listeners)
  • Communal Music Library
  • Twitter Spaces Held Weekly (Check Event Calendar on the Discord or the Calendar here :
How to Download Video, Audio or Audio Stems
How to Upload your NFT music to generate royalties
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