Governance Roadmap

The following is a proposed governance roadmap that outlines a trajectory moving toward increased decentralization and automation of DAO governance. This is an initial outline and subject to change as the DAO evolves and community interests and objectives shift.

The stages outlined below spread over a total time period of 18-24 calendar months whereby the rhythm of activity within the DAO is sequentially arranged in β€˜Sessions’. Each Session is two months long with one month in between sessions as outlined below.

Month 1

Month 2 &3

Month 4

Month 5 &6

Month 7

Month 8 &9

Month 10

Month 11 & 12



Session 1



Session 2



Session 3



Session 4

Stage 1: DAO Constitutionalization

  • Genesis NFT Minted

  • Omgkirby DAO Committee formed

  • Omgkirby DAO Community established and activated on Discord

  • First DAO song featuring a community member released

  • Pre-Session 1

    • omgkirby Treasury approved budget to fund the design and operationalization of the omgkirby DAO

    • Working Group model developed and proposal approved

    • Working Groups funding proposals approved

  • Session 1

    • Working Groups worked on creating a strategy for voting system, treasury management, marketing, and community management

    • 2000 PFP’s minted, expanding the DAO Community

    • Complex voting system established and WG Completed a survey and research project on governance models used by other popular DAOs.

Stage 2: DAO Operationalization

  • Post-Mortem from Session 1 published and shared with the community

  • Omgkirby collaboration with highly visible artist announced

  • DAO Lite Paper drafted

  • Pre-Session 2

    • Snapshot vote for ratification of DAO first principles

    • Community Proposal for Session 2 invited and temperature-checked on Discord

    • Snapshot voting on Community Proposals for Session 2

    • Funding proposals for approved Community Proposals and formation of new Working Groups

  • Session 2

    • Expansion of Community Team with the implementation of the Senior Moderator role

    • Coordinated constitution and operationalization of the DAO

    • Core operating groups created within the DAO, such as 'Operations', 'Partnerships' & 'Events.'

    • Omgkirby DAO White Paper is published at the end of this session after workshopping by DAO Operations Working Group

    • Live performance at NFT NYC by omgkirby and continued collaborations with other artists as well as IRL events

Stage 3: Decentralization & Automation

  • Post-Mortem from Session 2 published and shared with the community

  • Pre-Session 3

    • DAO Operations WG may expand their mandate to become a multi-session WG

    • Community proposal for Session 3 invited, voted on, and approved

    • Working Groups for Session 3 formed

  • Session 3

    • Discussion Prompt WSG2: What priorities for decentralization and automation should the DAO emphasize in WGS3?

  • Session 4 +

    • Custom omgkirby DAO Governance UI

    • Implementation of Gnosis Zodiac DAO Modules, including: Reality & Scope

    • Explore expanded tokenomic design

    • Explore Zero.Tech as al alternative DAO & advanced tokenomic infrastructure

    • Discussion Prompt WSG2: What are other mechanisms the DAO should prioritize for progressive decentralization and automation? Are there non-technical, social or governance design dynamics that should be taken into consideration?

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