Session 1: Sprint 0

Author(s): @jakestandley#0001

Sprint Period: April 4th, 2022 - April 18th, 2022

Next Sprint Ends: May 2nd, 2022


Session 1: Sprint 0 focused on building up the Working Groups for the DAO, and establishing some basic ways of working for how this will function in the future. In our dream state, the community will have the autonomy & ease to submit any and all proposals themselves for a formal vote by the DAO. But before

@lemondropkid wrote more about Working Groups and how we envision them working here, I strongly recommend checking it out and letting us know if you have any thoughts or feeback! The DAO experience is going to continue evolving - our goal here is to experiment with as many approaches as possible, to try & find what works best for our community.

Working Groups were officially announced today, so if you're currently a holder, come see what everyone is working in the gated channels of the Discord!

Our plan to provide transparency for the community while letting the WGs dial in and focus on the projects is visible, but locked Discord channels. For now, those with the Session 1 Working group role will be able to type and participate in these channels, while everyone else will only have read-only permissions. The hope here is that everyone is able to see which fellow community members are contributing most and reward them.

A cool highlight I want to shout out is our Twitch Stream collaboration with DeadHeads, an NFT project that managed to create an animated webshow using their tokens. Kirby created a song LIVE on his stream that the DeadHeads community is going to use as a bit of a theme song!

I'm excited to see what other collaborations we can come up with, especially as we continue to get more guidance from the Community!

We're also excited to see the community continue to drop their genesis NFTs on traditional music NFTs! If you've put yours out, make sure to share those with me on Twitter or Discord. Check out one example below!


During Sprint 0 of Session 1, we kicked off a more informal voting strategy for small decisions in the DAO - specifically those that didn't require any funding from our Treasury. Those included votes for:

  • The community's preferred Twitch Stream time

    • 5PM PST

  • Which sad alex x omgkirby song the community wanted to release on omgkirby's official artist page on Spotify

    • v1.wav

In addition, we continued with our snapshot voting for all proposals that require some type of budget allotted. For this Sprint 0, this included formal budget requests for each Initiative the community voted to support earlier this year.

In the future, I think these two separate steps

  1. Rank pitch by the community

  2. Vote to approve the budget

should & will be consolidated to a single round of voting. As we get a better sense of how to manage these budgets & allocate the funds accurately, I think we will all be able to vote with far more confidence to approve this spending.

What we've noticed so far, is that a fair amount of the 'mundane' needs to be voted on, but as more of these votes pop up, engagement continues to decline.

DAO Treasury update

Multisig Wallet Address: 0x7291cc605653a9FCfbceD63313156E654eAF259b.

DescriptionAmount (ETH)Notes

Start Treasury


Community Expenses


Community Manager & Mod

Marketing Expenses


Social Media Manager

Final Treasury


You view the full breakdown in google sheets here!

This sprint's expenses were primarily for the Community Manager/Mod payments, and a social media manager that has been working with omgkirby and slowly taking over the responsibilities of posting more often/consistently.

The Community Manager's pay for this Sprint was greatly inflated, as it had not been paid from mint, until now. So the costs should return to much lower levels (.45ETH/wk) moving forward.

As the Working Groups really kick off their work this Sprint, I'm expecting slightly higher costs for Marketing, and potentially for the DAO Album.

Post Mortem

Note: Organized by Working Group in future recaps

Mint Team

  • What worked best in organizing your committee around delivering this initiative?

    • Working with another team (DeadHeads) provided our community with something to rally around during this sprint, and definitely increased our exposure externally

    • I feel like we have a solid grasp on the Treasury now, and we're ready to start activating it to grow the project

  • What would you do differently if given the opportunity to redo this initiative?

    • Need to continue to focus on engagement, both in the Discord & on traditional social media. We need to ensure the community continues growing organically!

    • We need to continue learning how votes work best. Some votes are very mundane and ultimately hurt engagement in the long run. How can we continue to give the community autonomy, while also handling tasks such as Payroll?

  • How has this initiative opened up new opportunities for the community to fulfill its vision?

    • We now have a solid Sprint process in place, and the initial Working Groups have been announced. Hopefully this can provide a template for community-led initiatives in the future!

Next Steps

  1. Some special announcements coming in the Discord this week, that hopefully, the community will be happy to rally around!

  2. Increase our presence in the web3 space - continue collaborations with other NFT projects, as well as connect with platforms like SoundXYZ, which have made a big splash for web3 music

Helpful Resources


There's a significant amount of work left to be done for Session 1, but I am confident we're going to get everything done that we've outlined. On behalf of the Treasury Management WG, I'm confident we'll be able to provide accurate & timely Treasury updates moving forward - now it's just choosing the best expense tracking & yield tools that fit our needs.

I know kirby & team has been making big progress on the music front, and I know the same can be said for the NFT Curation initiative.

It's going to be a big spring for omgkirbyDAO, I'm excited to see what the warm weather brings!

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