omgkirbyDAO Lite Paper

This Lite Paper is a Living Document -- June 2022

Omgkirby DAO is a community for lofi fans, artists, and builders to help shape what omgkirby will become as an artist and a brand. At the core of this distributed model is the world’s first generative music & art NFT with full intellectual property rights. Through this collective experiment we are expanding the idea of what an artist can be.

Despite unprecedented technological advancements disrupting the music industry in the past few decades, the most power and money have remained concentrated in the hands of record labels and streaming platforms. The expansion of Web3, however, has brought with it a unique opportunity to disrupt traditional industry models in a way that allows artists to take control of their art and share the value it creates with those who create it, their supporters.

Since its inception, omgkirby has created some of the most popular lofi music in the space and in the process, a community of 1 million monthly listeners. We now step boldly into what we believe is the future of music creation and consumption.

Through a highly engaged and Web3-native music community we are bringing artist, fans/supporters, and label production together in a single decentralized organization and creating the conditions of possibility for disrupting the exploitative relationships and power imbalances that have defined the music industry.

The following document represents the omgkirby DAO Lite Paper. This is an initial depiction of omgkirby DAO’s governance architecture and roadmap. It will be workshopped by the β€œDAO Operations Working Group '' during Working Group Session 2 (WGS2) of the DAO (described in more detail below). Following the conclusion of this session, the Operations Working Group will submit a final White Paper for feedback and confirmation by the broader omgkirby DAO community.

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