The omgkirby DAO launched with a genesis NFT drop of 3,000 unique pieces of generative lofi music. Each of these individual NFTs was a novel combination of algorithmically-assisted music and hand-drawn art created through beautiful cooperation between human and machine. Twenty-five percent (25%) of primary sales went to the collective DAO-owned treasury, controlled by a representative DAO Committee and the DAO Community of NFT holders.

A second and latest access point to the omgkirby DAO is a generative drop of 5,000 avatars created by Singaporean digital artist ValerieHazLife. Free to mint for any omgkirby Genesis NFT holder and inspired by the radical possibilities of anonymity and community, these PFPs offer a way for new members to join the omgkirby DAO community.

NFT/PFP Utility

  • NFT owners gain complete ownership of the song in its entirety, including Master Recording and Publishing rights. This also includes access to lossless 24-Bit stem masters which will be made available soon.

  • All NFT holders are members of the omgkirby DAO and control the omgkirby treasury. Each NFT equates to 1 vote in community decision-making and over how the DAO treasury is used.

  • omgkirby is the sole determinant of future NFT drops. A portion of every future NFT primary sale (10%) will go to the DAO’s treasury and DAO members will have first exclusive access.

DAO Structure

The omgkirby DAO is made up of multiple modular layers with the artist at the center of a nested configuration (Fig. 1). These layers are distinct yet fluid and have varying degrees of sovereignty. The DAO’s two primary governing bodies are the DAO Committee and the DAO Community. Operations of the DAO are structured through instance-based Working Groups, which form and dissolve according to Working Group Sessions, which last for a period of eight (8) weeks per session. The DAOs organizational structure is depicted in the figure below:

DAO Committee

DAO Community

  • Founding project team

  • Protects the organizational treasury

  • Serves as the source of regulation and control in a decentralized system

  • Token-gated: Comprises owners of genesis NFT drop as well as new PFP holders

  • Members organize into working groups of “DAO contributors.”

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