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  • Generative & hand-drawn drop of 5000 omgkirby PFPs are here!

  • Serves as a new entry point into the omgkirby DAO.

  • Over 180 hand-drawn traits created by Singaporean digital artist ValHazLife

  • One guaranteed free mint for every omgkirby Genesis NFT in each community members’ wallet

  • The remaining mints will be free for the kirby list (allowlist) and public

  • Free claim runs from June 1, 12:00 PM ET to June 30, 12:00 PM ET.

  • kirby list/allowlist mint: June 1 at 2:00 PM ET; public mint opens June 1 at 4:00 PM ET

  • To be placed on the kirby list/allowlist, perspective holders must fill out a form describing why they would like to be part of the community

  • Mints 1-3000 are reserved for omgkirby Genesis holders

  • Mints 3001-5000 are prioritized for the kirby list and then made available to the public (Team is holding 70 mints for the social calendar)

  • Each artwork enables its owner to embody individual avatars as their artistic identities in the metaverse

  • kirby holders receive priority access for all upcoming generative drops with coveted musicians and artists


The defining trait of the project is the mask each character wears. A common scene in anime and manga media, which Valerie has obsessively consumed since she was a kid, is a summer festival where characters wear traditional Japanese masks.

Through the widespread distribution of Japanese culture, these masks have taken on playful and kawaii (Japanese for β€œcute”) associations. Influenced by the anime style of the omgkirby Genesis and the communal nature of lofi music, Valerie has reinterpreted these mass-produced masks in her own style. Each avatar wears Tokyo street style and oversized fashion. These are independent works of art, made unique with over 180 individually drawn attributes.

The Genesis train has left the station...

The mask is your ticket on board to join our community. Your mask is a manifestation of the original spirit of omgkirby: anonymity, creativity and all around vibes. Look out for epic future collaborations with iconic musicians alongside our community members. Kirbies embrace the possibilities of generative NFT music and visual art. As our next stop for the DAO treasury, these avatars launch the future of omgkirby, and that future looks bright. Let's chill, masks & headphones on.

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