Session 1: Sprint 1

Author(s): @jakestandley#0001

Sprint Period: April 19th, 2022 - May 2nd, 2022

Next Sprint Ends: May 16th, 2022


Session 1: Sprint 1 was defined by our PFP announcement. Our PFPs are a collaboration with artist @valeriehazlife, who designed the avatars with masks & traits "inspired by scenes from anime and manga that enable the wearer to become another, obscuring identity and animating a new spirit."

The PFPs will be a free mint to all holders, as long as the kirby is held when the 'snapshot' is taken, towards the end of the Sakura Event (more on that below!). You will be able to mint one (1) PFP per kirby in your wallet - ie: if you are holding six (6) kirbies in your wallet, you will be able to mint six (6) free PFPs.

Our goal with the PFP project is to expand our community, while offering a simple token that will allow for improved DAO governance, as well as improved access to future generative omgkirby NFT drops.

You can read more on our mirror article as well!

We're excited about the PFP project and what they can do for expanding our project, as well as improving how we can handle governance as a DAO. While we continue to work on our progressive decentralization of the community into the DAO - we've increased our focus on driving 'engagement' within the community.

Sakura Event

@Aurelian#7564 & @totallybullish#1234 have been doing an excellent job driving some increased chatter in the server via the Sakura Event.

The tenets of this effort have been:

  1. Ramp up of marketing efforts

  2. Redesign the Discord

  3. Random contests in โ“-โ”ƒtrivia throughout the day (anime/gaming, etc), giving out 1 kirby/day based upon leaderboards!

  4. Three kirbys given out to ๐Ÿธโ”ƒdank-economy leaderboards (See Pins in Economy)

  5. Sneak Peaks

with the goal of creating a reason to check out and interact in our Server at least once per day, and hopefully 5-7 times per week! At the same time, we wanted to avoid spamming users who want to be a part of the project, but don't want/need any incentive, or would rather be passive members of the server.

@Aurelian#7564 implemented a great practice of creating Event-specific roles (ie: '@Trivia Monger' in the server), so now we only ping the interested parties whenever something time-sensitive is occurring.

Community Highlights

  1. I want to give a quick shoutout to 1owkey#0771 for being a part of a Twitter Space that omgkirby hopped on with G-Eazy. Pretty awesome seeing a community member up there on stage with everyone. Make sure to give the recording a listen here before it expires!

  2. Shoutout to @General Grevious#9119 for setting up our Twitter Community. I strongly recommend joining so we can better organize & interact on Twitter! I think this could be a great tool to onboard non-web3 musical artists into our project

I am excited to see what the community can do as we rally around this PFP project, as well as some of the other things have in the works this Spring!


This sprint had minimal live votes, as we focused on executing our existing Working Group goals. Each Working Group was already issued a budget, so there was no need for incremental requests.

In addition, the focus in the server was our new Sakura Event, outlined above. The goal of the Sakura Event is driving in-server engagement, without having our community have to leave the server (ie: for votes).

Our only vote this sprint is for omgkirby's Performance Mask. This is an IRL mask created by Collective Designs - someone who has experience creating masks for Marshmello & similar artists. With this mask, omgkirby will be able to perform live & we will be able to use the IRL mask to promote our PFP project as well.

DAO Treasury update

Multisig Wallet Address: 0x7291cc605653a9FCfbceD63313156E654eAF259b.

DescriptionAmount (ETH)Notes

Start Treasury


Community Expenses


Community Manager, Mod, Community ETH Winners

Marketing Expenses


Social Media Manager

Final Treasury


You view the full breakdown in google sheets here!

This sprint's expenses were primarily for the Community Manager/Mod payments, and a social media manager that has been working with omgkirby and slowly taking over the responsibilities of posting more often/consistently and organizing Twitter Spaces.

The other big driver of costs (1.18ETH) was the Sakura Event. Some of these costs include kirbies that were purchased to be given away & ETH payments to community members that interacted on social media.

I also included the Utopia Labs export as an example of what type of data we can expect in the future. This will be much easier than trying to track everyone's wallet address myself.

Post Mortem

Note: Organized by Working Group

Complex voting system established by @lemondropkid#3159

  • What was accomplished this sprint

    • Working group set up - governance questionnaire created - community outreach began.

  • Did you achieve or fall behind your proposed goals - why?

    • We were behind on our goal of having all questionnaires completed. Primarily due to lack of coordination across whole team and clarity on timelines.

  • How will next sprint be different?

    • In order to better align on work to be completed and timelines WG leader will set up team call to strategize on how time should be used to achieve sprint 1&2 goals during the next sprint.

Treasury Management by @jakestandley#0001

  • What was accomplished this sprint

    • We had our kick off call with the working group and established some next steps for this upcoming sprint

      • I have created a basic Google Sheet to capture some information that will help us understand (a) what other DAOs are doing to manage their treasury and (b) what tools exist to aid us in treasury management.

      • I am going to work on establishing a baseline 'dashboard' for our Treasury so we can track some basic metrics such as gross holdings, burn rate, etc. and (ideally) embed it in Treasury Info.

      • Going to work with @1owkey.eth#0711 to understand what % of our treasury should remain liquid to be able to realistically participate in IRL events.

  • Did you achieve or fall behind your proposed goals - why?

    • We fell a little behind our Sprint goals. This was mainly driven by difficult scheduling a group call & on me for delegation. Need to better understand availability and figure out how to best work asynchronously.

  • How will next sprint be different?

    • Going to explore some quick asynch tools and see what works best for everyone meeting time wise! Maybe just take the lead on scheduling the meetings and share out notes if some are unable to attend.

Organize Marketing Effort by @Aurelian#7564 & @jakestandley#0001

  • What was accomplished this sprint

    • Initial team call was set up. Increased push on Twitter was kicked off, including promoted tweets that kicked off on May 1st, 2022

    • We also aligned on some new priorities:

      • need omgkirby more in spaces

        • Invite people to our spaces

      • Omg kirby hosting spaces 1/week

        • Leading up to [PFP] drop 2-3 per week

      • Collab event to raise eth to buy random artists nft and raffle them out to the community

      • Potential for Dippies 5/20 talent show - 30 min performance

  • Did you achieve or fall behind your proposed goals - why?

    • We ultimately achieved our goals, but it did end up being a little last second. Scheduling was a bottleneck, as well as pivoting from a focus on advertising to Twitter Spaces

  • How will next sprint be different?

    • We have better distributed the work after our kick off call, so that it doesn't all fall on one individual to complete a task

omgkirby creates a track with high-visibility artist feature by @jakestandley#0001

  • What was accomplished this sprint

    • We received stems from an artist who has 2x the Spotify monthly listeners vs omgkirby. In addition, we have been in discussions with some additional artists.

  • Did you achieve or fall behind your proposed goals - why?

    • We are on target for our proposed goals, but our main holdup is contract redlining occurring with artist lawyers.

  • How will next sprint be different?

    • Will have a more in-depth update as soon as the contracts are finalized!

omgkirbyDAO Album by @kryptokid#6525

  • What was accomplished this sprint

    • Found initial core Working Group team to execute the omg Kirby DAO album. Intros and expectations moving forward. Created list of potential artist to reach out to and plan on how to get those artists involved

  • Did you achieve or fall behind your proposed goals - why?

    • We fell behind on our initial sprint goal. "Sprint 1โ€ for the omg Kirby DAO album really is a multi-month process of finding talent and creating songs. This is too ambitious of a goal on a quick timeline, and realistically, this has several sub-sprints and will be 80% of the hardwork for this WG.

  • How will next sprint be different?

    • We will continue to move forward on Sprint 1 as this is the core of the WGโ€™s task. This overall initiative will most likely take longer than the others and we will adjust the Sprint lengths accordingly.

Based on the feedback above I have a few key takeaways:

  1. Operating in music or with traditional web2 businesses as a DAO can be difficult. It might be worth creating some type of modus operandi for how we want to approach these conversations. Especially as we encourage more community members to take lead on these types of conversations.

  2. Scheduling is currently a bottleneck, but it's a solvable problem. By leveraging tools such as zcal, calendly, Chron, etc. hopefully we can have a best practice for WG scheduling by the end of Session 1. In addition - maybe setting up the meeting cadence in the initial WG proposal might make sense.

Next Steps

  1. Continue promoting the Sakura event in the Discord Server until May 20th. @Aurelian#7564 is working on ways we can continue to adapt the events, as the majority of community members who enjoy Trivia receive their kirbies.

  2. Work on finding the best way to organize / schedule working group meetings... There's plenty of work left to do to figure out how to schedule meetings between 5-10 individuals who don't share an email domain.

  3. Increased emphasis on Twitter Spaces moving forward - hoping to spread notoriety for the greater omgkirbyDAO brand

Helpful Resources


May is off to a good start! By the end of Session 1: Sprint 2 we should be seeing our Working Groups start to materialize some of their deliverables, such as:

  • Report concerning the best Treasury Management Tools

  • Analysis of other DAO's best voting practices, with the goal of encouraging engagement

  • An increase in Twitter Spaces

  • & more!

In addition, by the end of Sprint 2, we should have some more announcements coming regarding the PFP drop and how holders will be claiming their free mint. Stay tuned to our Discord & our socials for more information! Excited to kick off Phase 2 of omgkirbyDAO with y'all!๐ŸŒธ

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