Genesis upload guide

Learn how to distribute your omgkirby genesis NFT on popular DSPs!

1. Download...

  • Scroll down to "MY SONGS" section, and connect the wallet holding your kirby

  • Click the download button ⬇️, and select "Download NFT Audio"

  • Unzip the folder that downloads - the WAV file is what you will need to upload your song!

2. Uploading…

  • For submission to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora & more - you can use a number of distribution services. Examples include TuneCore, DistroKid, CDBaby, etc.

ServiceSingle PriceAlbum PriceSubscription FeeLinkRecommend if...




...uploading one kirby



...uploading multiple kirbies


$9.95 + 9% of Revenue

$29 + 9% of Revenue

...uploading one kirby



...uploading multiple kirbies

  • Feel free to upload your track to free aggregators as well, such as SoundCloud, AudioMack & YouTube

  • Some community members have also been uploading to web3 streaming platforms like Audius. We strongly encourage this as well, it’s an excellent way to learn more about music & web3 simultaneously!

3. Metadata...

  • Title: Choose your own title, as you own the IP! However, to help keep track it would be great if you can title it GENESIS # in your collection or put it in parenthesis after your newly created title.

  • Artwork: Album artwork is up to you! Many users have been using the image from their NFT, others have been using other NFT pictures they own full IP rights to

  • Artist: Please upload as omgkirbyDAO, if you want to upload as another artist please also add omgkirbyDAO as another primary artist. This will help us track all uploads and make it so collectors can listen to each other's tracks on one Spotify or Apple Music page

DO NOT upload the artist as “omgkirby” this artist page is reserved for official releases and DAO community projects, not genesis uploads. If you do this, your track will be removed from streaming services

  • Songwriter Info: Most services will allow you to include songwriter & producer metadata. Feel free to include omgkirbyDAO or your own name. Because you own the publishing rights to the song, you are the rightful owner of the songwriting.

  • Release Date: To ensure your track goes live on all streaming services by your desired date, we reccomend setting the release date at least one week from the upload date. Sometimes it can take up to 5 business days for a song to go live.

4. Collecting Royalties

  • Royalties from these servces will begin to appear in your account 2-3 months after your song's go-live date.

  • In order to claim these royalties, you will likely need to complete tax information, so the service can send you a 1099-MISC at the end of the year if you exceed $10 in royalties.

  • To understand the reporting, we recommend downloading and viewing the 'Reporting Period' reports. This will break down the income you receive, by month. On the other hand - 'Sales Period' reports are more complex. Some DSPs only pay you quarterly, so while the Sales Period information may report higher income - you may have not received this payment yet.

5. Tracking Analytics

  • Spotify for Artists

    • If you submit your music via Distrokid or CDBaby, you'll get automatic access to Spotify for Artists. Check your email or your artist portal after signing up for instructions on how to access your account.

    • If you submit your music via Tunecore or Level, you may have to claim your artist profile manually. Follow the link here for more information.

  • Apple Music for Artists

    • Click here for instructions to claim your Apple Music for Artists account.

6. Upon selling your omgkirbydao Genesis NFT...

  • If you sell your NFT and you have the song uploaded to Spotify or Apple. You must remove the song from distribution immediately as it is no longer your IP to exploit. The new owner is now allowed to upload the song and exploit it for royalties.

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