Genesis Info

When was minting?

January 28th, 2022

How many omgkirby Genesis NFTs were available to mint?


How many omgkirby Genesis NFTs could I mint?

Each wallet could mint up to 2 omgkirby Genesis NFTs

What was the mint price?

0.1 ETH

What does holding this NFT give me?

Each holder of an omgkirby Genesis NFT owns the complete rights to the Art and Music of the NFT. They will also gain early access into the omgkirby DAO where each NFT serves as 1 vote as to how the DAO treasury is used

Do I really have full ownership of the song on the NFT?

Yes! You have full publishing and masters right for the song within your NFT. you can do whatever you would like with it, from posting it on spotify to using it in any content you would like to make, it is entirely up to the NFT holder.

What is the omgkirby DAO?

The omgkirby DAO is a community for lofi fans, artists, and builders to help shape what we will become as an artist and a brand. 25% of primary sales will go to the DAO treasury which will be fully governed by the community. As we have grown this has expanded to include collabs with several artists.

How will the omgkirby DAO be funded long-term?

A percentage of secondary sales will flow back into the DAO treasury. The DAO will be free to vote on changes to this % as they see fit.

Music Rights

Full rights ownership to the NFT audio song. Meaning you can upload the song to Spotify and keep all money generated, license the song to film/tv for a fee, or free to use the music in any content you create.

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