The following section details omgkirby DAOโ€™s initial architecture and the steps that will be taken in the first stage of its development to establish its governance structure and operational procedures.

Step 1: Treasury Formation

Twenty-five percent (25%) of primary genesis sales were used to establish the omgkirby DAO treasury, which will be fully governed by the community. Additionally, a percentage of royalties earned from the secondary sales of the genesis NFTs will also flow back into the DAO treasury. The DAO will be free to vote on changes to this % as they see fit. Over the long term, the treasury will be continually replenished through several new and innovative initiatives proposed by the founding team as well as the DAO community through established governance protocols. In future NFT drops, 10% of the primary sale will go to the DAOโ€™s treasury and royalties will go to omgkirby to support their continued music generation.

Step 2: DAO Committee Formation

The DAO Committee initially comprises the founding project team and holds executive authority. It manages, controls, and protects the organizational treasury, serving as the source of regulation and control in a decentralized system. The committee will immediately start a process of progressive decentralization, expanding to include DAO Community Members. It also has the ability to facilitate the addition/removal of committee member(s) along with the modification of governance rules.

Step 3: DAO Community Formation

The DAO Community is token-gated and comprises the owners of the genesis NFT drop as well as the new PFP holders. In addition to full rights ownership of omgkirby NFT art & music, being a part of the DAO community gives members the ability to influence the creative direction of the artist/brand and govern the DAO treasury. Community members do this by voting off-chain on Snapshot, with decisions being implemented by the DAO Committee, until further automation is feasible. Additionally, the DAO community will have pathways to organize into working groups of โ€œDAO contributors.โ€ These sub groups will be purpose/task-based, temporal, opt-in committees of community members that set out to achieve milestones for the DAO. Reward structures for committee participation will be determined by the DAO community, or on a case-by-case basis in working group proposals.

Step 4: DAO Governance Operationalization

Building on its core value of decentralization and iterative innovation, omgkirby DAO will implement an initial governance system that offers creative flexibility and operational transparency in accordance with the first principles. The DAO recognizes that this initial system may need several modifications to meet the communityโ€™s current and emergent needs, and therefore must be tweaked in response.

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