Roadmap v1


What is the omgkirby DAO?

The omgkirby DAO is a community for lofi fans, artists, and builders to help shape what omgkirby will become as a community-owned artist and brand.

How will the treasury be funded?

25% of primary sales will be earmarked to seed the DAO treasury (once created) which will be fully governed by the community. In addition to proceeds from primary sale, 67% of royalties earned from secondary sales of the genesis NFTs will also be directed to the DAO treasury. The founding team has several other ideas to fund the treasury, but we know this only scratches the surface and we can’t wait to see community generated proposals.

Some additional ideas to fund the treasury from the founding team:

  • streaming royalties of select future omgkirby releases

  • omgkirby merch

  • omgkirby concerts and tours

  • future nft sales

  • sales of stem packs

How will the treasury funds be used?

The community will ultimately decide how treasury funds are used but here are some possible ideas from the founding team:

  • Fund collabs with other producers and artists

  • Produce and create live omgkirby shows & experiences

  • Build a lofi experience progressive web application

  • Commission lofi related content

  • Design omgkirby merch line

Session 1 DAO Initiatives

Based on a vote by our community, we now have our Session 1 Roadmap!

  • omgkirby creates a track with high-visibility artist feature

  • Complex voting system established

  • Treasury Management Research Project

  • Organize Marketing Effort

  • omgkirbyDAO Album

  • Create a new omgkirby based generative music collection

Please read the full proposal for more information:

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