โ€‹How the Community participates in the DAO

  1. 1.Decision-making: Voting in the DAO

  2. 2.Working Groups: Participating in Session initiatives by joining working groups

  3. 3.Community Building: Day-to-day participation in our discord community.

  4. 4.Community Generated Artists (TBD): Generation of community-led artist sub-DAOs

Working GroupsWorking groups are purpose-based, temporal, opt-in committees of community members that set out to achieve milestones for the DAO. These working groups are given free-reign to deliver value to the DAO, but held accountable to the community through proposals that cover implementation/costs and other logistics that ensure resources are being used effectively.Based largely on learnings generated from the Growth Working Group 22 & other crypto communities, here are some key characteristics for omgkirby DAO Working groups:

  1. Problem-oriented: Working groups are formed to solve specific problems, or take advantage of specific opportunities, in service of the entire omgkirbyDAO community.

  2. Concrete Outcomes/Measurable Results: Ahead of their creation, it is clear what they intend to accomplish for the DAO. They are responsible for producing outcomes that impact omgkirbyDAO objectives. The process for implementing solutions and measuring impact must be described in the proposals generated by working groups.

  3. Big Commitment: WG leader(s) are committed to serving the entire omgkirby community with the outcomes they are being paid to produce. This is for the comparatively few folks who have the time, energy, bandwidth, focus, and desire to uphold this level of commitment. WGs should have 1 directly responsible individual, and at most, 1 additional co-lead.

  4. Time-bound: For starters, they are time-bound to a given session at most. We need to maximize iteration & learning.

  5. Funding: They are approved & funded directly by the Treasury Committee (TC) after an in-the-open process.

  6. Reporting: Leaders will be required to set KPIs and update the community each week on their progress. Growing the pool of shared understanding is a fundamental goal.

  7. Continuity Commitment: WG leaders must commit to ensuring continuity of their work at the end of their specific WGโ€™s existence.

  8. No overlap: WGโ€™s should not be redundant with an already operating WG.

Process for forming and running Working Groupsโ€‹

How Working Groups Operate

The internal processes within a Working Group reflect the broader values and first principles of the omgkirby DAO. These are designed in a way that enables Working Groups to deliver value to the DAO in an effective, collaborative, and constructive manner. Given their temporal and purpose-led nature, each Working Group is formed at the beginning of a new Session to deliver on the goals for that particular session as approved by the Community. At the start of In the active period of 8 weeks that follow, Working Groups elect stewards that are responsible for ensuring that the values and interest of the DAO Community are being met. In cases where the Working Group is working on high-stakes initiatives that fall under the โ€˜High Impact X Irreversibleโ€™ category, each decision within the Working Group needs to be passed by an internal 2/3rd majority and then ratified by 3/4th of the DAO Committee.

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